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Christmas 2021
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20th & 21st Nov
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4th & 5th Dec
Friday 10th Dec
11th & 12th Dec
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Tips to keep your tree fresh all through Xmas.
If you decide to keep the tree outdoors for a few days, just put it in a bucket of water, sheltered from the wind and sun. When you are ready to bring it indoors, cut 1cm off the base of the trunk.
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Christmas items for sale!
Why not take a look at our wide range of items you can also buy at Stoke Goldington Christmas Trees. From christmas tree stands to door wreaths, logs & kindling and a fine selection of seasonal liqueurs.
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We are proud to be members of the BCTGA, the trade association for those who grow specialist Christmas trees in Great Britain. Members of the BCTGA cultivate well-shaped, sturdy trees specially for the Christmas festivities.
You can visit the BCTGA website here
  • Come along to the Farm and choose your own tree fresh from the field!

    Fresh home-grown Christmas Trees
    Traditional Norway Spruce & Nordmann Firs available
    Tree Stands, Wreaths, Holly/Mistletoe & Seasonal Liqueurs

our Plantations

We first planted 4,000 Christmas trees in our Plantation in 2001. From then, we planted 4,000 further trees each year for another 3 years. We grow the traditional Norway Spruce, along with the non-drop Nordmann Fir plus we have tried a few Frasier Fir along the way.

The Norway Spruce take around 5-6 years to grow, whilst the non-drop Nordmann Fir can take 9-10 years to reach 6-7ft in height.

We started selling from the farm in Dec 2006 when we sold just 36 trees, operating our sales from a small livestock trailer positioned on the grassy area as you walk into the plantation. Since then our sales have increased enormously via word-of-mouth, advertising in local publications, our website and road signage.

In Spring 2011 we planted a further 3000 Norway Spruce in a field opposite the current plantation which are growing well.

Moving to Spring 2012, we planted a further small field at the back of our farm buildings with predominantly non-drop Nordmann Fir - 1,500 in total. We also put in 200 Norway Spruce which we plan to leave to grow to 20+ ft trees suitable for churches, market squares and shopping centres etc.

In 2014 we converted another 5-acre field to Christmas trees, planting 10,000 Nordmann Fir - which was quite a task! This will ensure future supply of our Firs. We planted 1,500 Norway Spruce in 2015 in a section we cleared in the main plantation and will continue to clear and replant areas on an ongoing basis each year.
In Spring 2017 we planted a new section of 4,000 Norway Spruce in an area of our main plantation. They went into ideal soil conditions and were watered well. These should take about 5 years until cutting.

Just before Christmas 2018 we replanted our small plantation (on the left hand side of our farm road as you are standing at our log cabin) with 2,500 Norway Spruce. These should reach maturity in about 6 years' time.

And last year saw our biggest planting venture so far - we planted a new field directly opposite our farm buildings (as you stand in the 'shop' doorway) with 18,000 Nordmann Fir. This major new planting has secured our stocks of Nordmann Fir for the foreseeable future and further strengthened our commitment to long-term Christmas tree production here on the farm.

We were delighted to open our Spinney Field plantation in 2020, comprising 10,000 Nordmann Fir which should certainly keep us going for the new few years!