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Christmas 2021
Open Weekends

20th & 21st Nov
27th & 28th Nov
Friday 3rd Dec
4th & 5th Dec
Friday 10th Dec
11th & 12th Dec
18th & 19th Dec
9am - 4pm each day

Closed Mon/Tues/Weds/Thurs

Tips to keep your tree fresh all through Xmas.
If you decide to keep the tree outdoors for a few days, just put it in a bucket of water, sheltered from the wind and sun. When you are ready to bring it indoors, cut 1cm off the base of the trunk.
Read more..

We are proud to be members of the BCTGA, the trade association for those who grow specialist Christmas trees in Great Britain. Members of the BCTGA cultivate well-shaped, sturdy trees specially for the Christmas festivities.
You can visit the BCTGA website here
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During 2015 we came up with the catchy brand-name of 'The Fruity Farmer' for our range of homemade seasonal fruit liqueurs, made predominantly with hedgerow and garden fruits from our farm. In Summer 2016 we started producing Rapeseed Oil made from oilseed rape harvested on our farm - nothing added, just pure crushed rapeseed

Our range of FRUIT LIQUEURS, popular both as gifts and as treats for you to enjoy at home, include the following:-

Sloe Gin - the juiciest, plumpest sloes are picked on our farm during October and we mature the liqueur for 15 months before selling. This is a warming drink enjoyed either on its own or mixed with champagne or cava.

Apple & Blackberry Gin - a tasty Gin featuring apples picked from our garden with the biggest, freshest blackberries from our farm hedges, steeped in Gin and given time to mature.

Strawberry Gin - we have a Strawberry bed in our garden from which we pick Strawberries in June and steep them in Gin for 6 weeks, allowing their flavour and beautiful colour to come out in this refreshing liqueur.

Rhubarb Gin - during May and June we pick fresh rhubarb from our garden and infuse it with Gin for around 3 weeks to produce this particularly tasty liqueur with the prettiest pale pink colour which looks so attractive in bottles.

Seville Orange Gin - made using beautiful seasonal Seville oranges, this is a velvety smooth liqueur which we're delighted to say won the Best Local Drink Product 2018 in the Milton Keynes Food & Leisure Awards. It's lovely enjoyed on its own, or with a Fever Tree elderflower or mediterranean mixer.

Quince Gin - the 'marmite' of Gins! This Gin has a really unusual flavour, with a consistency and smoothness which is similar to a Sloe Gin. Made using beautifully seasonal quinces picked locally in November and steeped in Gin for around 9 weeks. Best enjoyed on its own as a liqueur, or mixed with a tonic water.

Gooseberry Gin - launched in Autumn 2018, this fruit gin is proving popular not only with gooseberry lovers but with fruit gin lovers in general. It's ideal mixed with a tonic to turn it into a longer drink to enjoy

Raspberry Vodka - fresh, Summer raspberries are picked in July and steeped in Vodka for around 3 months to give this liqueur its gorgeous deep-red colour and vibrant taste.

Apricot Vodka - fresh, luscious apricots are infused in vodka for around 6 weeks to create this smooth liqueur which is very similar to an amaretto. An absolute treat to enjoy either as a liqueur on its own, or mixed with prosecco to create a beautiful celebratory longer drink.

Limoncello - the finest unwaxed lemons are mixed with Vodka to make this popular Italian style liqueur, best enjoyed served ice cold to give you a real taste of Italy. This is the only fruit we use which we don't harvest or grow ourselves...yet! (Though we have plans for a lemon tree in our Conservatory...)

Blackberry Whisky - the taste of Autumn in a glass. Our farm hedges are filled with blackberries which we infuse with Whisky to develop this deep-flavoured, dark coloured whisky liqueur.

Cherry Brandy - Beautifully plump, sweet Kordia cherries grown with love in the cherry orchards at Horwood Cherries in Buckinghamshire ( are steeped in Brandy and left to mature for around 4 months to make this warming and tasty liqueur.

Seville Orange Rum - a dark rum infused with Seville oranges to create a rich, smooth rum liqueur which really slips down. Rum is becoming increasingly popular and our customers are loving this Orange Rum, launched in Autumn 2019..

All our liqueurs are sold in attractive, Italian glass 200ml or 250ml bottles, priced at £10 each. We also sell larger 500ml bottles for £20 each. They are all swing-top bottles, with the exception of the Blackberry Whisky which is corked.

Rapeseed Oil - Rapeseed Oil is showing a huge increase in popularity amongst consumers due to its health benefits. The Oil is low in saturated fats, with approximately half the fat of olive oil and it's high in Omega 3 too. The cold-pressed oil is ideal for cooking, baking or salads and helps to make fantastic roast potatoes!

We crush the vibrant, yellow-flowered rapeseed harvested on our farm, allow it to settle for around 6 weeks, and sell it in 500ml bottles for £5.

Our Fruit Liqueurs and Rapeseed Oil are for sale at Farmers Markets and special events throughout the year, as well as during our Christmas trees season on the farm. Take a look at our Facebook page for details of when and where we will next have a stall.

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